"Y.M. Milling & Machining" Ltd. was founded in 2005 by Yossi Machluf, a professional in the field of turning and milling with 35 years of experience.

"Y.M. Milling & Machining" Ltd.

is located in Kibbutz Shieler, and encompasses an area of 500 square meters.

The company has expertise in precise manufacturing of Machining, Milling and Turning done by the most advanced CNC machines in the industry and also in mechanical assembly, Turn Keyprojects.

The company manufactures prototypes for hi-tech companies according to customer's requirements as well as providing solutions to engineering problems. The company also performs coating of all types and silk printing on the final product.

The services are required by various companies in the fields of industry, printing and medical products.

The company's ability to produce precise parts is based on advanced machinery, a team of professional and skilled programmers and a Quality Assurance team, equipped with advanced testing gear.

The company performs machining on a diverse range of materials – Steel, Aluminum, Graphite, Bronze, Brass and Plastic.

Y.M. Milling & Machining Ltd. prides itself on its reliability, superior quality and expertise, which is manifested in its professional and skilled team, innovative and advanced equipment, an uncompromising standard of finish, always meeting supply deadlines and courteous and professional service.

The company is staffed with a heterogenic population that includes young employees alongside veteran employees with over 30 years of experience.

The combination of knowledge, experience and young employees enables lightning fast response, maintaining a personal relation with the customer , flexibility and supplying unique, original and fast solutions along with professional and efficient service.

The Planning and manufacturing processes are meticulously overseen and controlled by Quality Management System ISO 9001 2008, which is certified and authorized by the Standards Institution of Israel. Planning and programming are performed using SolidCAM – SolidWorks CAD/CAM software.

The various departments are:

Milling & Machining

A German HERMLE 5 axis with precise machining capability. X 450mm, Y 660mm, Z 330mm.

The company is equipped also with CNC machinery with capabilities in 3 and 4 axis.

X up to 1000mm Y up to 460mm and Z up to 450mm.


Gradient Erosion .


Advanced Japanese machinery.

The company has CNC turners, Milling with Y axis and without, maximum diameter of 250mm, Length 300mm and a turner with automatic feed for serial production.

Quality Assurance & Control

All stages of the manufacturing are controlled tightly.

The control department is equipped with the best measuring devices and includes a computerized Mitutoyo XYZ machine that enables performing diversified tests, on a large range of measurements.

 The department also boasts a certified control system that is compliant with  ISO 9001- 2008 , ISO  AS9100C, ISO 13485:2003     


Full process planning and engineering services.

A combination of many years of experience producing complex products and a continuous contact with engineering design offices enables us to give planning and optimal solutions to all our customers and make the production more efficient.

Full Turn Key Assemblies

The Assembly department constitutes an additional tier in the service of high quality.

The department is equipped and fitted with the best equipment that enables a wide range of mechanical assembly and electronic housing of high quality, from prototype phase to the serial production phase.

Planning, Supervision, Production and Purchasing

A reliable and professional team.

The department follows a guideline whose aim is finding the supplier with an available supply, of high quality and meeting deadlines at the same time.

A constant and long contact with various suppliers has created a network of suppliers both supportive and efficient.


All parts are packed according to customer requirements.

Machinery production: Manufacturing of Machines for the customer from the early design stage to its construction.

Company Vision

Giving a professional and fast service, Supplying the customer with parts using the best technological innovation, Be a beneficial factor and a partner in the technical decisions for all customers during all the stages of development, manufacturing, assembly and supply.

Y.M. Milling Machining Ltd. – Kibbutz Shiller

Mailing address: P.O. Box 8, Rehovot 76100 Israel

Tel: +972-8-946-6200 ● Fax: +972-8-946-6100